Art & Activism Project: Rhino & Pangolin Poaching

Attention Artist & Conservationists:

We are requesting your participation in a social media campaign to raise awareness against rhino and pangolin poaching. Rhinos and pangolins are being poached in record numbers to supply an increasing black market demand for their horns and scales (which are made from the same proteins as our toenails). On World Rhino Day we plan to speak out.  Join with us and lend your talent to support this important cause.



Please draw either a rhino or a pangolin. Replace the rhino horn or pangolin scales with toenail / nail clippings. GROSS! We know. But that visceral reaction you just had... that is the point. These animals are being killed in masses so people can ingest horns and scales that are made of the same materials as our toenails. We want to gross them out!

A few simple rules:

1. Please do not post until September 22nd, International Rhino Day, as close as possible to 9am EST (convert to your time zone). We want to flood social media.

2. Our main focus is Instagram so please post there. Square images work best on Instagram.  You can share on other social media outlets too!

3. Please use all of the following hashtags (many are in Vietnamese and Chinese):

#justGiantToenails #sátcánhcùngtêgiác #ourhornisnotmedicine #WorldRhinoDay #savethepangolin #穿山甲 #犀牛 #contete #contêtê

You are welcome to add your own hashtags. Additional suggestions below:

#StopKillingForToenails #stopEatingToenails #iam4rhinos #WorldRhinoDay #sátcánhcùngtêgiác #selfievitegiac #wildlifeconservation #stoppoaching #worthmorealive #ourhornisnotmedicine #rhino #pangolin #InternationalRhinoDay #rhinoceros #contêgiác #犀牛 #SavetheRhinoVietnam #pangolin #contêtê #穿山甲 #selfievitegiac #ourscalesarenotmedicine #vietnambemyhero

4. Feel free to use your existing artwork and just replace/cover the horn or scales with nail clippings.

5. Please share with other artists who may be interested in participating.

If you are interested in receiving reminder emails for this project sign up here.



Artwork by Molly Schafer and Katy Tanis

Artwork by Molly Schafer and Katy Tanis


No, problem. You can still help. Please download the top image and post it on social media with our hashtags.


see our infographic on Rhino and Pangolin Poaching