Raising awareness about the extinction crisis through art


The Endangered Species Print Project created, commissioned and sold art prints depicting critically endangered species. Over the course of the project we raised $15,000 for wildlife conservation.

Our prints were editioned to reflect the number of individuals remaining in the wild, for example only 45 Amur Leopards remain in the wild so we only ever printed and sold 45 of our Amur Leopard print.  Prints were made on paper made from bamboo, a renewable resource. At least 50% of the sale of each print was donated to conservation efforts. 

ESPP was conceived in 2009 by artists Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler. Together we toiled away drawing lemurs when we were supposed to be focusing on our real jobs. We started ESPP so we could lend our artistic talents to the wildlife conservation cause. Along the way many artists joined in and produced amazing artwork for the project.

The ESPP prints have been exhibited in multiple exhibitions around the country including the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago,  Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and Root Division in San Francisco.

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the awesome ESPP prints. 




  • Animal Umwelt Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Rare Nature; The Endangered Species Print Project Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago

  • Facing Extinction Part of Project Passenger Pigeon, Brushwood Center, IL

  • Kristi Engle Gallery, LA

  • Root Division, San Francisco

  • Texas State University

  • In a Landscape Where Nothing Officially Exists / College Art Association , LA

  • Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago

  • Endangered Species Print Project Barbara & Barbara Gallery, Chicago


Endangered Species Print Project would not be possible without the following artists who contributed their talents to the project

  • Christopher Reiger

  • Matt Adian AKA Mincing Mockinbird

  • Jerstin Crosby

  • Matthew Hilshorst

  • Barnaby Whitfield

  • Aaron Johnson

  • Susan Jamison

  • Noah Scalin

  • John Vilhauer

  • Allison Peaslee

  • Justin Richel

  • Jonathan Woodward

  • Katy Tanis AKA Daughter Earth

  • Megan Diddie

  • Renee Robbins

  • Alexis Trice

  • Melissa Washburn

  • Jenny Kendler

  • Molly Schafer AKA Feral Pony


The ESPP blogs are still available online. Just click here.

Bloggers included: Molly Schafer, Jenny Kendler, Christopher Reiger and Amy Gornall


Although the multi-year project has come to a close I continue to make art about conservation. You can shop several of my designs which support wildlife conservation on the Feral Pony Threadless shop here

I am happy to chat with you about potential endangered art projects. Feel free to reach out or use #endangeredartactivism to share your projects with the ESPP community!