pony pals: going west

Pony pals Suzi and Dave have moved back to California. They will carry on with their knitting and environmentalism in a warmer climate. They will be missed! How will I ever get the stroller down the steps without Auntie Suzi?

Suzi and I met at The Corcoran College of Art and Design back in the day. We were in the library which only had 6 computers because it was an old school small school and computers had only recently become something you would expect to find in a library.  She was looking up pictures of cute cats on the internet 10 years before that was even a thing. Basically, she invented the internet.

Also have you heard about the Corcoran being absorbed in GWU and the National Gallery? It's pretty sad. I have the best memories of the college and the great teachers I had there. You can read about it at http://savethecorcoran.org/